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What is ReBoard

ReBoard is an innovative system-wide keyboard for iOS that lets you do your tasks within the keyboard window. So you don't have to switch to other apps to perform some task.

You can do these tasks within ReBoard:

  • Schedule Calendar appointments with natural language input
  • Create iOS reminders
  • Search web
  • Do calculations
  • Lookup Wikipedia
  • Add tasks to Wunderlist
  • Chat in Slack
  • Search local addresses & view map
  • Search & download images to Camera Roll
  • Many more...


ReBoard has 24 powerful built-in apps and is packed with features you would love.

24 Powerful Apps

Perform tasks like: scheduling calendar appointments, searching web, calculations etc. within keyboard window using 24 powerful built-in apps.

Fast Typing

Just swipe up on a key to type its alternative character. Its so fast and intuitive that it will become a habit in no time.

Predictive Emoji

ReBoard predicts which emoji you will need by analyzing your typed text regularly. View all predictied emojis in a single place and choose the one you need.

Cursor Control

Just drag your finger across the space key to control the cursor.

Quick Hide

Swipe down anywhere on keyboard to hide it. No matter which app you are using. Free your screen space.

Suggestion Variations

Double tap on a suggested word to view its variations. For example: Double tap "work" to view "working", "worked", "works" etc.


Click on an image to view it full screen.

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